Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Who cares about the "next"?

Speaking of golf, ever since Tiger Woods emerged as the best golfer, everyone has been speculating who will be the "next" Tiger. My response?

Who cares? Even after playing one tournament in ten months (and that one being on a bum knee...AND he won), Tiger is still the number one golfer in the world. He is not over the hill. He is not going to lose his talent because of the knee surgery he had after last year's U.S. Open. He will break every major golf record (Major wins and tournament wins) with ease. So please, stop asking who will be the next Tiger.

Tiger will be the best golfer in the world for a long time. He has one legitimate rival in Phil Mickelson. I say that because no one else has proven themselves against Tiger over an extended period of time. It's a two-horse race.

But Tiger is still in his prime. And even if he wasn't, he's still better than most of the players on Tour. So let Tiger be Tiger. Don't go searching for the "next" Tiger, while we still have the original right in front of us. And he's not going anywhere.

And to all of you who watched Tiger finished T-9 at his first stroke play tournament since the Open, don't despair. The only that separated Tiger from his finish and winning, was his putting. And putting is more about feel than anything else in golf. Tiger just hasn't gotten back in the "feel" of putting yet. And that comes with experience. So it might take him a few tournaments to really get back in the "swing" of things, but rest assured, he'll get back to being Tiger again. And it will be sooner rather than later.

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