Thursday, March 12, 2009

March Madness

I sit at my computer at 1:23 AM on this Friday the 13th, writing my first independent blog post. I was tired and ready for bed around 4 hours ago. And that’s when I realized that college basketball was on ESPN, and it turned out that my team (UConn) was playing against Syracuse. The game started at around 9:30 PM. The game ended just a few minutes ago (keep in mind, it's almost 1:30AM).
As I sat in bed watching this game, towards the end of the second half I was starting to fall asleep. Yes, it was an exciting game, but sleep was calling my name…it didn’t call loud enough. 2 hours later, I’m still up, and now I can’t fall asleep (Thank you, college basketball). In the end, Syracuse won the game 127-117, and will advance in the Big East Conference Tournament.
Let’s recap just the basic statistics from both teams. 3 hour and 43 minutes, 2 halves, 6 overtimes, 205 field goal attempts, 244 combined points, 66 fouls, 7 players fouled out, and 18 players used…That’s right folks, March Madness is back.
And it could NOT have come at a worse time. Senioritis is in full swing now that CAPT week is over. And now that we have to come to school at normal times, I am going to be swamped watching basketball and busy not doing homework for the next few weeks (keep in mind, the NCAA tournament starts soon). Hooray for doing my best (loose term) in school!
And so begins the month of hell for all those who do not watch college basketball. It is a month of brackets and betting. Upsets and blowouts. Cinderellas and the favorites. Game-winning shots and heartbreaking finishes. And it consumes everyone. No matter what you do, you can’t escape from the raw power that is March Madness. I am almost certain that every “bro” I know (myself included) will be running around in school tomorrow talking to every single person we can find about the Uconn-Syracuse game. You will hear people talking about it. See them endorsing their teams. Following brackets to see who picked the right teams to win (This is a science called “bracketology”). You can try and shut it out. Go ahead, turn up the volume on your Ipod. That won't work. Did you know that you can buy game clips on iTunes to watch if you missed the game? Well….now you know.
Get ready sports fans (and everyone else too), March Madness is officially here, whether you like it or not.

(It's starts at 7:25, SO excited)

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  1. that game was pretty ridiculous...may be the best game ive ever been to