Friday, March 20, 2009

The WBC? What's that?

As all of America fawns over March Madness, the rest of the world has grabbed hold of another tournament. This one called the World Baseball Classic. Now I know what you're asking yourself...What the hell is the World Baseball Classic????
In short, it's an international baseball tournament that takes place every few years to find out which country was best at baseball in the world.

Now you might think that it would be a landslide victory for the United States, but they were beaten by the MERCY rule by Venezuela a few nights ago. And it was Japan who won the tournament the first time around (in 2006). So why is it that the United States has such a problem winning games, with the majority of players in the majors being American?

It's because not all of the best players play in the tournament. In a tournament that is supposed to determine the best country in the world at baseball, shouldn't all the best players play? Apparently not. And that's why America doesn't care about the WBC. Because when all players don't care, why should we?

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