Thursday, March 26, 2009

Does Anyone Care?

The NIT basketball tournament. It's the NCAA men's basketball tournament that ISN'T march madness. It is basically made up of all the teams that did not make it into the NCAA tournament. And if you think about it, it's the best of the second best. The teams that didn't quite cut it, now getting their shot at "glory."

But who really wants to win the NIT? I mean I'm sure if I was on one of the teams I would play my hardest and try my best during every play. But if my team wins, no one will remember. No one outside of Virginia Tech fans will remember their marathon two-overtime game win over Duquesne. No one will remember Stephen Curry and Davidson losing in the second round of the NIT. But many will remember the Curry-led cinderella run to the Elite Eight in the NCAA tournament last year.

It's always good to want to win. Every player should always WANT to win. But let's say you do win the NIT tournament. Do you celebrate? Are you really happy? And if you do win, aren't you still just a team that failed to be good enough?

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