Sunday, April 26, 2009

The NFL Draft

First and foremost, the Yankees suck. I told you so.

Does anyone else feel as if the NFL draft being televised is absolutely useless? Yesterday, the first day of the draft, it was on TV for 5 hours. I will repeat that. 5 HOURS. All the draft is, is watching teams pick the players they want for their team. But it isn't fun like when captains pick teams for pick-up games in the schoolyard. Every pick in the first two rounds takes 15 minutes.

Before the draft even begins, for weeks and months, "experts" on ESPN analyze which player will be picked at which time by a certain team. But that's all speculation. And do you know what happens once the draft has begun and teams start picking players? The SAME experts analyze the picks that have been made, and speculate once again as to how well each player will do in the NFL.

Can you believe that people actually sit and watch this stuff for hours on end? Don't get me wrong, I love football. I can't play for the life of me, but I love to watch. But these draft shows are utterly useless. Nothing matters until the players take the field.

Some of the best players in the league are players who didn't get drafted (i.e. Tony Romo). And some of the worst players in the league, or players who quit because they couldn't quite cut it in the league, are ones who were drafted in the first round of the draft (i.e. Tony Mandarich, also known as the Incredible Bust).

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